Yummy & Healthy Alternatives To Fried Food

If fried foods are on your menu every other day, looking  to avoid them all together might be an unreasonable proposition even if your quest is to go easy on the oily food stuff.

If you’ve never been able to resist the sizzling noise of french fries or deep-fried samosas before, it may be worth trying out a different strategy rather than setting yourself up for failure once again.

One way to deal with these cravings is instead of swearing off fried foods entirely, simply enjoy them in a different form. Often, just baking a dish instead of frying it means several calories lesser and the same great taste.

Here’s a  list of some popular fried food favourites along with their heart-healthy alternatives. These simple swaps are sure to leave you satisfied and best of all, you’ll know you’ve made a better choice for your body.

French Fries: One serving of french fries can contain 231 calories and 12  grams of fat. If you swap out the deep fryer and use an oven instead and use orange sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, you’ll be rewarded with a delicious, nutrient-packed snack that adds up to just 30 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.

Fried Chicken: One serving of grilled chicken, skin removed, has 110 fewer calories than the fried version – not to mention containing 7 fewer grams of fat. Fire up the BBQ or grill to take advantage of this yummy alternative.

Samosas: There’s nothing better than biting into the rich, crunchy shell of a samosa and tasting the perfectly spiced veggies inside. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy this experience while avoiding the saturated fats and added calories of deep-frying! Veg Recipes of India provides a perfect recipe for baked samosas beloved by thousands.

Doughnuts: If your fried-food cravings come directly from your sweet tooth, this recipe for baked doughnuts will be perfect for you. While a regular doughnut has around 255 calories, one of these baked doughnuts has just 151. Plus, they’re way prettier!  

Tempura:  Always a favourite at Japanese restaurants, one serving of tempura typically clocks in around 450 calories and a staggering 20 grams of fat. Whipping up a recipe for baked tempura, on the other hand, eliminates over half those calories.

Potato Chips: Delicious, convenient, and available in a dizzying array of flavours, the humble potato chip would be the perfect snack food if it wasn’t incredibly high-fat and terrible for your health. A single ounce of plain, salted potato chips can have 154 calories. Although you may be hesitant to try it, making a batch of crispy kale chips is the perfect solution to satisfying your craving for a crunchy, salty snack. This is a great basic recipe, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, this recipe for creamy dill kale chips is absolutely delicious.

Have It All- and Be Healthy!
Switching to healthier alternatives of your fried food favourites is an easy way to cut calories in half and neatly sidestep the terrible side effects that come along with deep-frying.

Satisfying your craving for sweet, crunchy, or rich foods in a sustainable way is essential to sticking to a healthier diet without feeling deprived- it sometimes just takes a little ingenuity to do so. These simple swaps are great ways to get that familiar fried-food tastes without the added calories and health risks.

If we haven’t listed your favourite fried food, consider it a challenge! Make it your mission this week to track down a healthy alternative and see if the substitution hits the spot.

Bon appetit!

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