What to Eat When You are Hungry During Fasting

Eating meals spread throughout the day is one of the habits that we humans are used to. So, when you are fasting, hunger is bound to trigger you and it is not bad.

Fasting is the new fashion. It is not just restricted to cutting the intake of grains on any auspicious day; it is well beyond it. Fasting can help you reap several health benefits from detoxification to even weight loss. One thing that comes along with fasting is hunger or sometimes hanger (hunger plus anger).

However, this may not be a case with all, as many may not feel the hunger during fasting. This could be because their appetite keeps them full. Appetite can set off due to many reasons including hormones, senses, or emotions like boredom or stress. If you have a habit of eating all day long and when you experience hunger pangs, know that it’s temporary and you can overcome it. It’s just a matter of 20 minutes, for it to last.

Start your fasting with only three meals a day within the stipulated time with no extra calories. Keep following this practice until hunger triggers you, and if so, meditate for some time. This may help you overcome the desire to eat. Involve yourself in something you enjoy doing, this will make a shift in your focus, phone a friend you love talking to, these things are sure to help you switch your mind from food. Hunger is natural and it’s okay to feel hungry even during fasting, don’t be afraid of it. It is advisable to eat right and what suits your body to ensure maximum results from your fasting.

Here is a list of food items you can eat during fasting.

1. Eat low carb, high fat: It is recommended to stick to high quality, low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate meals during fasting. This stabilizes blood sugars, promotes satiety, and make your fasting process swift.

2. Reduce electrolytes: Replace the electrolytes intake with salt. While fasting, you may experience dry mouth and thirst, despite drinking enough water. It can lead to increased hunger. A pinch of salt can help to vanish your hunger. Also, adding high mineral supplements like magnesium, potassium, etc. can be helpful.

3. Herbal tea: Drink herbal tea. The non-caffeinated tea will help you have a flavorful experience during your fasting window without harming your practice.

4. Chew gum: Chewing gum can help you put your hunger at bay. Don’t go for any flavored bubble gum or mint. Chewing gum can satisfy your need to eat something in your mouth and help you stay away from your food for an extended period.

5. Stay hydrated: Drink enough water during your fast period to stay hydrated and kill problems like headaches, muscle cramps, and hunger pangs. You can even add cut fruits to your water to add flavor and extra benefits.

Having said that, if hunger still hovers your mind, change your fasting regime. Fasting should make you feel livelier, light, and confidant, it’s effortless and it should fit into your life.

By Deepali Verma, RoundGlass Thali

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