Want to Reduce Summer Headaches Without Medicines? Try This

As the heat is increasing already, a lot of us are going under the weather, and one of the first signs of this increasing heat on our health is a crushing and sudden headache.

Headaches can be quite potent and can interfere with your daily routine as well as with your work, especially when you find it difficult to head out of the house with that blinding pain.

But instead of immediately taking a pill or popping medicines at random, there is a very natural way that can help you avoid a headache, whether it is a migraine one or one that is triggered by the heat and can also help you to take care of an existing headache.

You can easily take care of a dehydration headache by drinking water and fluids

A dehydration headache, as the name already gives away, is a type of headache that happens when you do not have enough fluids in your body. It can either be a dull and mild headache or a severe and blinding one as that of a migraine.

In order to function the way it has to, your body needs a certain amount of fluids in it, which gets lost faster in summers, especially if you are also sweating a lot. When that happens, your brain can, for some time at least till you do not bring back the hydration levels, shrink in its size. In such a case, the brain actually pulls away from your skull, which causes pain and triggers the dehydration headache.

Does drinking water really help?

Sipping a glass of water every half an hour can be a great natural remedy

Medical studies have shown that once you start sipping on the water the moment you feel a headache coming on, or at the initial start of a headache, you can see improvements in as early as within 30 minutes of taking water.

Additional symptoms

In addition, you can also have these symptoms along with headache:

  • Excess fatigue
  • Feeling excessively thirsty
  • Feeling dizzy and confused
  • Skin feels dry

Why does this happen?

The main reason is that you are not drinking enough water, especially if you are exercising or are working out. Also, if you are suffering from diarrhea, nausea or have a fever, it could also rob your body of hydration.

So how much water should you have to prevent a dehydration headache?

In a medical study with 102 patients who complained of a headache for more than a year, doctors made them drink more than 2.5 liters of water every day and in some cases a little more, which significantly helped to reduce the episodes of headache.

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