The Ultimate Immunity Boosting Powder to Stay Healthy

Our immune system is made up of special organs, cells, and chemicals that help fight infection and prevent certain diseases. The essential parts of the immune system are white blood cells, antibodies, the spleen, the complement system, lymphatic system, thymus, and the bone marrow as they play an important role in fighting infection. People who have a weak immunity system tend to fall sick more frequently.

Therefore, it is often advised to strengthen your immune system and there are certain foods, herbs, and spices that specifically help in building strong immunity.

Luke Coutinho’s immunity-boosting powder:

Health Coach Luke Coutinho tells us how to make a simple and extremely nutritious immunity boosting powder. This homemade immunity boosting powder helps to maintain your health and curtails the duration of your cold and flu. The powder is made up of herbs and spices which are found in almost every household, surely all Indian houses.

The ingredients that go into this delicious yet healthy powder are:

  • Organic turmeric powder (seven tablespoons),
  • Cumin seeds (four tablespoons),
  • Coriander seeds (four tablespoons),
  • Fennel seeds (seven tablespoons),
  • Dry ginger powder (two tablespoons),
  • Whole black pepper (two tablespoons),
  • Cinnamon powder (half tablespoon) and
  • Cardamom powder (three-tablespoon).

This homemade immunity boosting powder can help stimulate and boost your immunity. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make it great for treating and preventing the common cold, cough, and flu. As an added benefit, it is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Feeding your body with certain local and seasonal foods may help keep your immune system strong. If you are looking for ways to prevent winter colds and flu and keep your body warm, your first step should be preparing this immunity powder which is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Here’s how you can make this immunity-boosting powder:

  • Keep the turmeric powder and dry ginger powder in a separate bowl. Do not roast the turmeric powder and dry ginger powder.
  • You can roast the remaining ingredients on a slow flame till you get a nice aroma. Make sure you do not burn these spices.
  • After roasting, keep them for a while. Let them cool.
  • Once these spices are cooled, grind them into a fine and smooth powder.
  • You can now add dry ginger powder and turmeric to it.
  • Mix it all in and store it in an airtight steel or glass jar.

Usage of this immunity-boosting powder:

  • You can consume this powder either as a seasoning in food or every day with water.
  • The powder can be a healthy alternative to garam masala as well.
  • You can even heat one tablespoon of ghee and add half a tablespoon of the powder to the ghee. Make a thick paste and you can consume this every day in the morning.
  • The powder can be consumed by adults as well as children for better immunity and overall health.

Coach Luke Coutinho further suggests carrying this powder whenever you travel as immunity is King Arthur’s Sword when it comes to prevention and healing.

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