Exercise is the Secret of Your Energy

Fatigued? Low on energy? Feel like taking a nap? Hold On! A walk may be better than a nap for boosting energy and fighting fatigue. Research suggests that regular exercise can increase energy levels among people suffering from chronic medical conditions associated with fatigue, like cancer and heart disease. Now, you may find it counter-intuitive, after all, exercise is supposed to make you tired, right? Researchers however say that expending energy by engaging in regular exercise may pay off with increased energy in the long run. A lot of times when people are fatigued, the last thing they want to do is exercise, says researcher Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D.,  co-director of the University of Georgia exercise psychology laboratory, in Athens, Georgia, USA. “But if you’re physically inactive and fatigued, being just a bit more active will help,” he adds.

Researcher Tim Puetz, Ph.D., University Of Georgia, says, “We live in a society where people are always looking for the next sports drink, energy bar, or cup of coffee that will give them the extra edge to get through the day”. But it may be that lacing up your tennis shoes and getting out and doing some physical activity every morning can provide that spark of energy that people are actually looking for. 

Exercise Boosts Energy

Although many studies have shown that sedentary people who start a regular exercise program experience an increase in energy levels, researchers say few studies have quantified those effects. In this study, published in Psychological Bulletin, the researchers analyzed 70 studies on exercise and fatigue involving more than 6,800 people. “More than 90% of the studies showed the same thing: Sedentary people who completed a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared to groups that did not exercise,” says O’Connor.

“It’s a very consistent effect”. The results show that regular exercise increases energy and reduces fatigue. The average effect was greater than the improvement from using stimulant medications, including ones used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Researchers say nearly every group studied — from healthy adults to cancer patients, and those with chronic conditions including diabetes and heart disease — benefited from exercise.

Just like money, you need to spend some energy to earn some energy. So go on and work fatigue out.

Benefits of Playing Outdoors

A common instruction from mothers to their children worldwide is, “Go out and play in the sun.” However, with the internet in every home and the presence of video games, fewer children and adults are taking the time out these days to play outdoors. Indulging in a sport is a great activity that can boost your mood and keep you fit. Outdoor sports are a habit that usually is inculcated in childhood. It is so important that the American Association of Pediatrics advises that outdoor play is crucial to the health of children.

However, it does not matter if you are a grown-up or a child, finding time to play outdoors will only hold you in good stead. Playing outdoors helps adults relax after ‘one of those days’ at work and is a great mood booster. Working out might not be interesting to everyone, but playing a sport does not take too much will power. Sports allows you to find time for yourself and to socialize. It is not only a great workout for the body but also for the mind. Finding the right sport is key. Some may love golf, some may enjoy a high energy sport like football, find what suits you and play.

Here are a few ways of how playing outdoors can help you:

Stress reliever

We live in a world where stress is almost a daily factor. Finding a balance might seem difficult. Playing a sport allows you to forget about work and focus entirely on the moment. The endorphins released by the physical exercise as well as the high of winning a game can work amazingly to elevate your mood. These endorphins are natural mood enhancers and help one feel better about oneself as well as alleviate pain.

Boosts creativity

For all those in high-stress jobs that entail them to be creative more often than not, sports maybe your perfect outlet. Creativity requires one to focus and be able to look for new ways to solve old problems, something which is crucial for sports as well. Regularly playing outdoor sports allows you to grow your analytical faculties and come up with creative solutions in shorter spans of time. It gives more fodder to your imagination and allows you to adapt faster.

Helps create connections

One of the most important benefits of playing outdoors is the amount of interaction you get with like-minded people. Playing a sport usually involves two or more people, even then it works really well to help forge some really strong friendships. Playing a sport with your friends is a highly therapeutic activity. It can be something you look forward to after a long day at work, or even after a really slow day at home, outdoor sports will definitely lift your spirits and forge strong connections. Sports are a great way to build social skills in kids and to provide essential learning in teamwork.

Feel more energetic

Playing a sport every other day does wonder for your body. Not only does it help tone your muscles, it also helps you increase stamina and strength. It is however, crucial to supplement your sporting activities with regular workouts so as to get better at it. But even a simple round of golf twice a week can be a great boost for your body and metabolism. In the immortal words of Bernard Shaw, we grow old because we stop playing. Playing a sport works amazingly for those trapped in sedentary jobs and helps them feel more energetic throughout their day.

Playing an outdoor sport is an amazing way to refresh yourself and add more vitality to your life. Play a sport as often as you can!

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Smiling More

In the bustling life, we all live today, when everybody is competing with each other, people are getting isolated from the small moments of life. One of the most important and the smallest things that most of us forget to do regularly is SMILE.

A smile is that thing that connects us with others as it is the most wonderful and inexpensive thing in the world. But while we get engrossed in the humdrum of today and tomorrow, we forget to utilize this one powerful action. Because of work deadlines, the pressure to pay bills, chaotic city traffic, we tend to get too serious and forget to smile.

Here we share the five reasons why you should start smiling more:

1) Smiling will make you happy

Don’t believe? Well, try to force yourself to smile for a few seconds now. No matter whatever state you are in, your body will release chemicals that will make you happy. It’s all about the mind-body connection. When you smile, a message is sent to your brain that you are happy, and when you feel happy, the brain releases endorphins good for your body.

2) Smiling can make others happy

It’s a natural phenomenon that when you smile, those around you also smile. Smiling, they say, is contagious. When you see somebody smile, muscles of your face get activated with the same expression even without you knowing it why you did so. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

3) Smiling Helps You De-Stress

Stress is very common these days. So, the next time you are stressed about something or you didn’t get your favorite dress, don’t feel sad. All you have o do is, take a few deep breaths and smile. Smiling will help you reduce all the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. When the brain gets a signal from your smile that you are happy, your body will get back to a normal state. Smile more and reduce stress.

And when you are stress-free, you lead a healthy life!

4) A Smile Changes Your State Of Mind

Smiling changes your state of mind in a big way. It has great effects on your emotional state. When you are happy, you smile, and when you smile, you automatically feel great. Then, you will see the world from a positive perspective. This will also help you meet and greet people with a much happier approach. So, smile!

5) Smile more often, well, why shouldn’t you?

If given a choice between a sad, frown, blank expression, and a smile, of course, the smile would be the best choice for most of them. Not only because it gives a good feeling, but also because it infuses a sense of positivity in you. There are a lot of situations we go through in our day to life when we forget to smile or maybe you don’t feel like. But, if you remember to smile more often, it will become a habit and you experience the difference!

In a nutshell, you should start smiling more because it spreads joy, makes you feel attractive, requires very less effort than frowning, makes you feel confident and helps you build relationships. Most of all, it is a universal language that everybody understands. Smile as much as you can and whenever you can.

Smiling heals you completely! When you smile, your muscles relax and it will automatically de-stresses you.  So, the next time you get up in the morning; make sure you have a smile on your face. Now keep aside that frown aside and say cheese with all your teeth glowing.

5 Reasons to Switch-off Late Night Movies and Go to Sleep

Watching the television or movies on your computer or phone late into the night is something most of us do. However, this pattern is something that will not only affect your sleep patterns but also increases stress and affect your efficiency the next day. The human body requires at least seven hours of daily sleep. Studies conducted in this area have shown that watching television or movies and shows on computers is the dominant pre-sleep activity among people.

With television replacing sports and reading since recent times, it is also a major cause of poor sleep quality suffered by so many people around the world. A study conducted in the US found that out of the 21,475 adults interviewed more than 50 percent of the people watched TV before bed. One in every three English person has a sleep disorder making it one of the most common ailments and is a national problem according to experts. Sleep is crucial to help the body recover from the rigors of the day and helps the body increase its immunity. Less sleep is often the reason for obesity, heart disease, and depression. Up to four in ten Americans do not get seven hours of sleep every night.

Here are some reasons why you should Say no to late-night movies and sleep instead

  • Affects your alertness the next day

Watching a two-hour long movie before bed will keep you up for at least three to four hours and not allow you to get enough rest. Doing this does not allow you to sleep on time and with work the next day you end up with hardly any sleep. This has highly detrimental effects on your awareness and alertness throughout the day and reflects in your work.

  • It fails to relax you

Watching movies or shows before sleeping usually amp you up instead of relaxing you, which is crucial to getting restful sleep. They usually bring forth a strong emotional reaction which is the last thing you need before bed.

  • It makes you want to munch on something

Watching a movie late at night is often accompanied with snacking. Eating right before bed does not allow for relaxing sleep as you are too full and harms your body because the food cannot be completely broken down and digested.

  • It can cause erratic sleep patterns

This behavior pattern can often lead to harmful sleep patterns and result in the individual not being able to sleep at night despite being tired. Afternoon laziness often takes over and makes you unable to focus on important tasks throughout the day.

  • It can cause diseases and even depression

Bad sleep patterns lower your body’s immunity and can be the reason for a host of diseases be it heart-related, stomach related, etc. Lack of sleep has also been related to depression and the lack of proper sleep patterns.

Getting a sound night’s sleep is one of the easiest ways for your body to recoup the energy lost during the day. Denying it this can result in only one way, the body will develop ailments that will force you to rest. Making sure you get a full night’s rest, at least during the weekdays is important towards not only a healthier life but also a more productive work-life.

Battle Obesity With Mindfulness

“I tried almost all diet plans that exist on the internet, still I am not able to lose weight. I spend long hours in the gym almost every day, but still, I suffer from obesity. I don’t know what to eat, and how to eat to lose weight effectively”. If you are a person with any of the above-mentioned problems, then this article is the perfect feed for you.

There are more than 100 dietary theories existing all around the world to battle obesity. It is extremely difficult to find the right diet for you. Remember, each individual is biologically unique. One person’s food is another’s poison. So, you cannot just follow a diet plan that was followed by your friends or others. You need to figure out for yourself what food is good for you. And, it can be done only when you thoroughly understand your physiology and how your body works when you eat a certain type of food.

The understanding of how your body works come only when you listen to your body in a state of complete awareness. And, you can do that when you experience inner silence. Cultivating silence is an extremely difficult task in your busy life. However, practicing mindfulness can be a simple solution to overcome a crowded mind.

Mindfulness meditation is an effortless and simple technique. When you practice mindfulness and cultivate inner silence, you can transform your lifestyle.  The lifestyle transformation is more important than dieting/calorie restrictions to battle obesity. It is because the calorie restriction weight loss model did not show any significant changes in losing weight. It is considered to be a failure model. So, it is important to change the attitude towards choosing the right food for your body instead of calorie restriction.

Here I am going to share a four-step process to battle obesity through Mindfulness. (To learn the basic mindfulness technique, It is recommended to check out programs on Reach)

1. Mindful Grocery Shopping

Try not to go shopping on an empty stomach. You may end up choosing the wrong food to eat. So, before going shopping, sit in a comfortable chair and just try to be aware of your body and how do you feel at that moment. If you feel hungry, try to have a healthy snack or a meal.

Try to prepare a food list before going grocery shopping. Make a list of food items you may require for preparing breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for one week. In that way, you will not run out of food and reach for fast food or junk food during busy hours.

Before entering the shop, try to sit in your car and take a few deep breaths. And slowly, close your eyes and try to see how you feel at that moment. If you feel agitation or any discomfort due to driving, just clear your mind and experience the inner silence for a few minutes.

When you go shopping, reach out to the section where you can find your listed food items and try to avoid going to the other sections. In that way, you can not only save money but also avoid buying unhealthy food. And also, try to avoid buying ready to use food items like burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, patties, and fruit juices because processed food contains bad fat (also called trans fat) and high in corn fructose sugar which can increase your weight drastically.

Before buying any food items, try to read the label. If the food contains highly processed sugar, white flour, and refined oil, then it is important to not to include that food in your diet.

2. Mindful Food Choice

Cooking at home is another way to lose weight effectively. Try to make a large portion of food, so that you can save it for another meal. In that way, you can save a lot of time. Try to include more green vegetables, non-starchy colored vegetables, and fruits into your diet. Include whole grains in your diet. Many people think eating whole wheat, brown bread is like eating whole grain. But it is not true. It is also considered as a highly processed food. Whole grains such as brown rice, red rice, black rice, quinoa, amaranth, and barley are some of the best options to include nutrition in your diet. High-quality organic meat, eggs, fish, legumes, pulses are a good choice for protein. Avocado clarified butter and nuts are a source of good fat. Seventy-two top research studies have found that fat show no link with Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) except trans fat. On the other hand, mounting research evidence reported that sugar found a significant link with CVD.

3. Mindful Cooking

Before cooking, try to sit in a comfortable place and take a few deep breaths. And then, slowly close your eyes. Now, bring your awareness to the food that you are going to make. Try to be aware of the nutritional value of the food, how it’s going to benefit you and your family. Whenever you feel relaxed and comfortable, open your eyes. And then, mindfully wash the vegetables and grains. As you do that, observe how your hands are moving, how the water flows into the food and cleans it. Try to be aware and feel that it washes away all the toxins present in them. While cutting the vegetables and during the whole process of cooking, just try to see how your body moves, how you feel at that moment, and feel the aroma of the food mindfully.

4. Mindful Eating

When you try to eat your meal or even drink a cup of coffee, try to sit on the chair and eat. When you sit down, you can calm down your mind and that helps you to focus on the food you eat. First, gently place the food on your plate. When you do that, try to observe your hand movement, the aroma of the food, how the food is placed on the plate. And then, slowly take the food to your mouth. Once you have placed the food in your mouth, keep the fork and spoon down. And, chew the food well and then observe how the food moves into your food pipe and then your stomach. When you eat mindfully, you will notice you will feel full before you even finish your plate.

Try to incorporate these four-step process in your daily life. And you can visibly see how your body transforms and loses that excess weight.

Breakfast – The All Day Energy Booster

The most important meal of the day, the king of all meals, the savior of the person observing a fast, the bearer of bacon, fruits, and chocolate milk, all hail the might Breakfast.

You may not be feeling too pumped about breakfast now but just you wait till you see the sheer glory of what a good breakfast does to you. It is a crying shame that this is the one meal that most of us choose to miss almost every day due to the work rush.

When the human body wakes up in the morning it is often running low on glucose. This often results in a lackluster day, no one can work with a growling stomach. The first half usually goes in waiting for lunch, and once lunch is done it is spent in fighting off fits of food coma (aka sleep). A healthy, substantial breakfast early in the morning can help with both scenarios.

Your breakfast should ideally contain 20 to 35% of your daily calorie requirement. Once again, it won’t do to have a doughnut for breakfast or a plate piled high with greasy bacon or pancakes slathered with syrup. While delicious, these are not exactly the ideal breakfast foods. Fruits, whole grain products, oats, egg whites, dry fruits, there a ton of options for healthy and delicious breakfast recipes.

Here are a few ways breakfast boosts your energy levels through the day:

Improves brain function

Have you ever tried thinking up a brilliant idea on an empty stomach? Well, take from those that have tried, it hardly ever happens. Cognitive functions require glucose to function at their optimal levels. There are essential carbohydrates and proteins that are required for the brain to work at its best, all of which are available at breakfast. Eating breakfast can also improve memory functions and reduce cortisol levels, essentially making us smarter, happier and more energetic people! How perfect is that, eating a delicious and healthy breakfast is actually good for you, who’d have thought?

Stock up for the day’s burn

It is as simple as that, if there is a long day ahead of you it is wise to start it with a good breakfast. On waking up the body has consumed most of the sugar it had synthesized from the food consumed. Your body is essentially waiting for a refill at this point in time. Having a substantial breakfast full of fruits and other healthy items is crucial to one’s productivity. Not only can it help you gain a large part of your total food intake for the day, but it also provides enough energy to help you put your best foot forward.

Curbs hunger pangs

One of the biggest drains of energy is hunger pangs. Most of the early afternoons are spent longing for lunchtime to appear around the corner. Safeguard yourself from these pangs and treat yourself to some deliciousness in the morning. A healthy breakfast ensures that you have enough food in your system to keep you going at least till lunch. This also helps one check the amount of food one is eating during lunch and keeps you energetic for the rest of the day. Much unlike the food coma patients who can’t help but indulge at every lunch.

Get your caffeine fix

Right, while it is not something you can be doing seven or nine cups in a day, a steaming cup of coffee in the morning is hands down, a stellar start to the morning. It works as an effective antidepressant according to Psychology Today. According to certain researches, it also boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, both crucial hormones for maintaining a stable mood and energy levels. It is, however, addictive, and while your morning cup of joe may not make you a caffeine junkie when one becomes a two-digit number is when you may have to be a tad careful.

Quick Question:

What percentage of your daily calorie requirement should be provided by your breakfast?

5 Refreshing Drinks You Can Make Promptly

Though it is said that drinking water eight to ten times a day helps in maintaining a healthy body due to its hydrating qualities, just plain water tends to become a little boring. So, why not add a little twist to come up with some of the best refreshing drinks of the season.

A lot of times you want to prepare something really unique but in no time. You end up either ordering things from outside or just offering something very common and savored a million times before. So, in the times when tastes are changing, food and drink demands are changing, how can one stay unique in the race? Of course, by exploring and coming up with new recipes and new tastes that also save your time!

So, when you are crunched in time and looking out for soothing drinks, try these five refreshing drinks that you can make in no time at all:

Watermelon Lemonade

Try this dream come true refreshing drink in which classic lemonade meets freshly pureed watermelon to form a refreshing drink. So, when you are planning a potluck lunch with your friends or a barbeque party with your family, try this drink for the best addition to it all! Fresh and tangy, this lemonade prepared with a delightful twist of watermelon is bound to quench any thirst!

Sparkling Peach Punch

Blend this deliciously refreshing peach punch by mixing ripe peaches into a delicious puree and swirling it in a pitcher with ginger ale. Prepare this fizzy and refreshing drink to impress your guests at the party or the next gathering. When you prepare the peach puree, you can also keep it in the freezer and serve when required. Serve it chilled with frozen peach slices and raspberries for an added flavor and colour!

Blueberry Iced Green Tea

Green tea is often a warm drink of choice for many, whatever time of the day. Now it’s time you skipped the powdered sweet stuff and made an iced tea with healthy and natural ingredients. The scrumptious blueberry syrup makes this normal tea into one that can be relished in a party. Savor all the health benefits of green tea is a delicious way and soothe your taste buds!

Nutella Frappuccino

Chocolate and something refreshing sound great together, right? Relish the amazing treat with this chocolatey delight of Nutella. This homemade frappuccino will delight you till the last sip and will surely help you beat your sweet tooth cravings. Try it out for the best chocolatey indulgence ever!

Grilled Pineapple Mojito

Grilled pineapple mojito is a sweet twist on the classic cocktail that pairs perfectly with mint and lime. You can also adjust the sugar content depending on the sweetness of your pineapple.

Muddled together with mint and lime, pineapple blends to form a refreshing mojito. The grilled pineapple adds to the complete twist of this mocktail. So, if you love fruits and fruity flavored drinks, you should definitely try out this quick and easy mojito, sure to give your taste buds a treat!

Well, these are a few refreshing drinks that you can try making when you want to get a little fancy with your offerings at a gathering. Just get the blender, some ice and these recipes to keep the heat at bay!

These easy to make and quick recipes are sure to quench your thirst as they bring along amazing flavors and fizz with them!

10 Ways to Be the ‘eagle’ Through Meditation

Here are some incredible things you didn’t know about meditating while walking. The concept of the ‘Eagle Nature’ is an interpretation of the great Greek myth of Eros and Psyche. It is of Psyche’s third task assigned to her by Aphrodite where she must fill a crystal goblet with water from the River Styx. Psyche realizes the difficulty of this and feels a bit overwhelmed, but an eagle of Zeus appears by magic and asks for the crystal goblet. It then flies right to the center of the stream, lowers the goblet into the dangerous waters and allows it to fill. Thereafter, bringing it safely back to Psyche.

The river symbolizes life and the raging currents symbolize the day to day difficulties. If we approach too closely, we could easily be swept off and drowned. The task tells us how one must relate to the vastness of life, to do things one step at a time. The zeitgeist of the present-day dictates: if a little is good, more is better. Following this creates a life that is never fulfilling. Even when we are engaged in one rich experience, we are looking for another. There is no contentment because future plans are always intruding on the present. We must learn to live in the now. A little bit of quality, experienced in a state of high consciousness, is sufficient. We can focus on one aspect of life, or one experience, concentrate on it, dive deep into it, and be satisfied. Then, we can move on to whatever that may follow. Almost every person is overwhelmed by the excesses of modern life, even on a day to day basis. That is the time for the eagle view and the ‘one goblet at-a-time’ mentality.

One of the most powerful tools to attain Eagle Nature in life is the practice of meditation. It’s a great tool to focus your energy and redirect your thoughts towards your own self. Meditation is not an unattainable task reserved for mythological sages. Anybody can start practicing it.

In fact, you don’t even need to sit for meditation. Here’s how you can meditate, while you walk!

  1. You can take up walking in a line or a circular path. You can cover the same path several times or take 10-15 steps forward and backward. You can start walking and continue it for five minutes and then return.
  2. You have to stand up in a straight position. Make sure that the spine is upright, but you shouldn’t be making an effort to stiffen the back. Your feet should be firmly grounded to distribute the bodyweight evenly.
  3. In this technique, curl your left-hand thumb in and wrap your fingers around the thumb. Raise your left hand and rest it on the belly button. Wrap your right hand around the left hand; the right thumb should rest in the gap that is formed between the left thumb and your index finger.
  4. You can drop your gaze slightly while walking. It will help you focus while walking. Also, if you look a few steps ahead, it will give a different feel to the experience.
  5. Now, lift your left foot. Try to feel it and start swinging. The heel should touch the ground. Feel it. Now feel the ball and then the toes.
  6. Now, lift the right foot and try to feel it. Start swinging it. Feel the heel touching the ground, then the ball and lastly the toes.
  7. Walk at a constant speed, little slower than your normal speed, but not too slow. If you get distracted, bring your attention back to normal.
  8. While you are walking, pay attention to how each foot is in direct contact with the surface.
  9. Now observe the things around yourself. Listen to the sounds and smell the things surrounding you. Do not try to differentiate between the smells that you like and dislike. Just make yourself aware of everything around you.
  • At the end of the meditation practice, you’ll be able to notice a difference in your everyday morning walk. Walking meditation is a simple technique and anyone can perform it. So go ahead, walk on!

5 Meditation Techniques for Busy People

Have you ever wondered why we need to clean our room and house every day? Why do we sweep the floor, make our bed and dust the dirt off the furniture each day? It is undeniably because a lot of filth and dirt racks up, making the environment a rotten and unattractive one to live in. This also disrupts productivity. Similarly, consider your body as the house. There is a lot of dirt in the form of weak and unfavorable energy or thoughts or experiences that heaps together in your mind, soul, and body. To get rid of such negativism, it is indispensable to meditate.

The reason/excuse which people often use or claim to face is lack of time for meditation. The technological advances and economic development were expected to shrink the work pressure and working hours of the people. However, with the cut-throat competition around, it has not been possible. In the hustle-bustle of our everyday lives it is very important to remind ourselves that it is absolutely normal to not think of anything at times.

Here is a list of 5 meditation techniques for busy people which can be performed anywhere and these do not consume much time either

1. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Place yourself in a serene and meditative posture and close your eyes. Unwind yourself from all the worries and place your right thumb on your right nostril in such a manner that air does pass in or out of our right nostril. Slowly inhale as much oxygen as you can from your left nostril. Cover your left nostril with your middle finger and release the right nostril and exhale out of it. Repeat this process for about 7 times.

Alternated nostril breathing is good medicine to quick fix mental problems like depression and breathing problems like asthma.

2. Abdominal Breathing Technique

Lie down on your back and calm your body. Bend your knees slightly. Place one hand on the chest and the other on your belly. Inhale slowly through our nose into your abdomen. Inhale as much as you can to inflate the diaphragm with oxygen. While you exhale, tighten your stomach muscles.

Abdominal Breathing Technique is useful for reducing stress and lowering blood pressure levels.

3. Skull Shining Breathing Technique

Skull Shining Breathing Technique is also known as ‘Kapalbhati’. Sit down calmly with your legs crossed. Here, the focus has to be on the exhalation rather than the inhalation. Inhale as you normally do. When you exhale out you need to hold your stomach muscles tight. This process needs to be repeated fifteen times at a stretch.

The skull shining breathing technique helps in the overall growth and enhancement of the body. It is extremely useful for losing belly fat that has been accumulated over time. It is also a great solution for improving blood circulation.

4. Equal Breathing Technique

The equal breathing technique is divided into two parts. The first part includes inhaling to a particular count, say to four and then exhaling to the same count. Learning to inhale and exhale to the same count might take some amount of practice. The second part of the equal breathing technique is about getting the former half correct. Repeat this technique about ten to twelve times.

Equal breathing technique is a useful tool for people facing trouble falling asleep.

5. Progressive Relaxation Technique

Progressive Relaxation Technique is a two-step process. Close your eyes and focus on systematically tensing the muscle groups like the neck and shoulder for about three seconds. The next step involves releasing the tension.

Progressive Relaxation Technique as the name suggests is proven to relax the muscles of the body. It is a mechanism for reducing stress and eradicating the body aches like headaches and stomach aches.

The above mentioned five techniques of meditation for the busy people are a wonderful way to de-stress without having to dig out money or much time.

5 Healthy Offline Activities That Are Real Addictive

Be it playing music, dancing, cooking or even taking long walks, there are a bunch of activities that are healthy and tilt towards habit-forming. Just like there are addictions to substances there are also positive addictions that can help one center themselves after an inordinately tough workday. Positive activities help balance out your day and give you the pep you need, these activities also can make you happy, giving you a natural dopamine boost.

Work and life today revolve around screens. Be it the computer screen at work, or your personal laptop and smartphone away from work. Finding activities that force you to stay offline are crucial in the general scheme of things. The human body does not enjoy the number of sedentary activities we force on it in today’s day and age. Doing positive, physical and mental, activities is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Just how a bad substance addiction can upend your life, a healthy addiction can just as well make your life so much better.

Here are a few offline activities that can be incredibly addictive:


Yes, as simple as that. Pick up a book and find yourself the perfect little nook, curl up with a warm cup of coffee or tea, whatever your preference, and allow yourself to get lost in the story. Books are wildly therapeutic, and fiction is the perfect little cocoon for a fatigued mind to gain a new perspective. Reading may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but stories definitely are! Find the kind of stories you want to hear. Reading improves one’s concentration, focus and the ability to compartmentalize.


Haruki Murakami swears by it! What’s more this celebrated author has even written a whole book around this subject. Running is a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. Even in the middle of a long workday if you step out of the chair and do a couple of minutes worth of jogging on the spot, it gets your heart going. It stimulated the release of mood-elevating endorphins and gives you a more optimistic outlook. Running provides your mind the stimulus it needs to work faster and in a more efficient fashion.


With a glut of cookery shows available on TV there are many amazing kitchen cooks that has been created. Cooking is a great stress buster and gives you time to organize yourself and create something. Moreover, it does not hurt to have a great meal coming out of the time you take to relax after a long day at work. Cooking is something that requires a little bit of practice, but with the right information and dedication you’ll be whipping up some amazing recipes in no time. Try and start with something that you enjoy to eat and the experience will be more memorable.

Join a gym

Exercise is an addiction, ask any fitness freak and they’ll tell you this in not so many words. The muscle burn that accompanies a good round of exercise is something to look forward to for many people. Taking out about one hour every day would be more than enough to give you the workout that you need. There are a number of routines you can choose from, however, join a gym simply because it helps you train with professionals.

Play a sport

A team sport helps you build great leadership skills and teamwork. Regardless of the feeling of competition, it is the feeling of playing alongside a bunch of like-minded individuals that becomes a regular thrill. A sport can help you build connections and can become your place to meet friends and others who enjoy the same things you do. Find a sport that suits you and dedicate enough time in the week to it. Slowly, your chosen sport will become an addiction. One of the most positive addictions there is.