Not Drinking Enough Water? This is How It Can Harm Your Body

Summer might bring along its own set of health problems, but dehydration poses a major risk. While most of us are familiar with dehydration headaches, it might surprise (or shock) you to know the gross effects of not drinking sufficient water can have on the body.

1. Bad breath: The saliva that your mouth produces contains enzymes that help digest the food and also aid in cleaning the bacteria from the tongue and mouth tissues. However, the more dehydrated you are, the less saliva will be there in your mouth and it will lead to bad breath.

2. Sinking and dry eyes: Dehydration can adversely affect eye health too. Those people, who suffer from the dry-eye condition in which their eyes don’t produce enough tears to moisturize the surface of their eyes can experience worsened effects with less intake of water. Studies have also shown that not drinking enough water can make the eyes sink back into the head and make it swollen.

3. Dry tongue: Not drinking enough water can dry out the tongue due to less production of saliva in the mouth. This can cause a ‘woolly’ and uncomfortable sensation in the mouth, making the tongue movements difficult.

4. The orangish hue of urine: The colour of urine can give one of the clearest signs of your dehydration and if instead of the pale yellow hue, it is darkish orange in colour, alarm bells should ring in the head. Urochrome gives urine its pale yellow colour and the darker the colour, the more dehydrated a person is.

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