Natural Diuretics & Their Benefits

A natural diuretic is any food or drink that cause the body to produce more urine, which consequently eliminates bacteria quickly and easily. It also helps flush out toxins from the body. Diuretic foods can be helpful if you’re looking to lower blood pressure, or if you’re retaining water. Some dieters also use it for weight loss. Removing the body of excess fluid is good for wellbeing and overall health.

Diuretic foods help to treat many conditions like; digestion issues, hypertension, weight loss, edema (water retention), kidney stones, and UTI (Urinary Tract Infections), etc.

Here are some natural diuretic foods that can be used in our daily dietary routine:

1. Cranberry Juice helps to eliminate excess fluid retention. It is good for UTI and also acts as an antioxidant that helps the body fight against free radicals.

2. Apple cider vinegar or ACV has a number of uses. It is a natural diuretic and has been used for hundreds of years as a treatment for urinary tract infections. It supports the health of both your kidneys and bladder, but its diuretic effects are gentle. Best way to use ACV is to add 3tsp in a glass of lukewarm water to reduce bloating and flush out excess sodium from the system.

3. Melons are excellent diuretics and detoxifiers. Their high water content hydrates the body and also helps flush out toxins. They are a rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants so they have an anti-inflammatory effect and can fight free radicals that cause damage to the cells.

4. Tomatoes contain anti-oxidant such as lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin C and Selenium.  It prevents the damages caused by free radicals to the body tissues, leading to premature aging and many chronic degenerative diseases. When these free radicals damage the walls of the blood vessels, they can cause a leakage of fluids and therefore, local swelling. The red vegetable has low calories and low cholesterol, making it unique for people on a weight-loss agenda.

5. Cucumber is mostly made up of water, and a very hydrating vegetable. This is why it is used in many detox recipes. It keeps the urinary system healthy and is a food that can be used to help with diabetes, weight loss, and even cancer. That’s because cucumbers contain anti-oxidants as well as minerals the body needs daily to keep functioning at its best.

6. Artichoke is an excellent diuretic food that is best for improving kidney functions digestive system. These inhibit good bacteria in the intestinal tract.

7. Asparagus has asparagine an amino acid which acts as an effective diuretic and is known to treat swelling, arthritis, rheumatism, and PMS related water retention.  The fiber in asparagus helps in cleaning out the GI Tract.

8. Black currant is a diuretic that contains high potassium, tannins, and Vitamin C. These are useful to treat high blood pressure, rheumatism, soothe potential inflammation and boost immunity.

9. Beet is an excellent diuretic, is also a rich source of anti-oxidants. It has a specific anti-oxidant, betalain, which is found only in select foods. It helps meltdown the floating body fats, especially near the liver and kidneys.

10. Carrot contains a good amount of carotene, that boosts the metabolic rate of the body and removes the fat deposit.

11. Celery seed speeds up uric acid excretion and increases the rate of urine production. This is how celery detoxifies the body. When excess uric acid crystals collect in the joint, as in the case of gout, celery seeds can be particularly helpful. Celery is especially recommended for treating gout edema, bladder disorders, cystitis, and other kidney problems because of its diuretic actions.

12. Figs have several properties – anti-oxidants, digestible, laxatives, and diuretics, as also a blood cleansing agent.

13. Lettuce helps in metabolism and flushes out toxins.

14. Papayas have diuretic, laxative, and refreshing properties.

15. Garlic is an effective blood purifier and is also effective in treating blood pressure. It provides cleansing effect and acts a diuretic. Try to use garlic in all cooking process, and, if possible, try to consume raw garlic more by adding it in some healthy drinks like buttermilk.

16. Strawberry has high diuretic properties and is useful in prevention of fluid retention.

17. Lemon has a powerful diuretic and cleansing effect on the body. This is the reason it is used widely in many detoxifying drinks. It is also often used to treat UTI because it cleanses the Urinary Tract and corrects any imbalances. Try drinking a glass of warm lemon water each morning to cleanse and detoxify yourself.

18. Raw Onion has many healing properties, one of them being diuretic ability. This is the reason why onions are highly recommended to patients who suffer from kidney issues, gout or hyperuricemia, kidney stones, edema, or hypertension. Mainly for their diuretic effect, but also for their high content of water and fiber, but low amounts of fat and sugar, onions are essential to any diet.

19. Natural Diuretics Tea like Green Tea, Stinging Nettle Tea, Dandelion Leaf Tea, Tulsi Tea, Ginger Tea,  etc. are helpful in treating Heart Failure, Edema, High blood pressure, Kidney and Liver Diseases, Weight Loss and any kind of stress.

Now you know that by adding natural diuretic herbs and foods to your diet will be able to treat fluid retentions and other health issues. However, if you are deciding to go with diuretic supplements then take it only for a few days as some natural diuretic foods can interact with certain diuretic medicines. If you are already taking some diuretic medication along with natural diuretics, always consult with an online medical doctor as some herbs and supplements interact with certain medications can worsen medical conditions.

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