Meditate to Sleep Well Before a Competition

The day before your sports competition can be nerve-racking. You are not only excited to go out there and give it your all, but there’s also anxiousness about the storylines of the match/game/race- your strategies, will it all go according to plan?

This is not an ideal mindset for anyone who needs all the rest they can get before the competition. What can be helpful, apart from your preparation, is a good snooze the night before your event.

Here are 4 ways to quality sleep before a competition.

Number 1: If you get caught up with your thoughts, during bedtime, try repeating this sentence in a calm state, “Dear mind, thank you for that thought, but now it’s time for bed”. If there any other mantras that you would like to use to put your mind to rest and induce sleep, please go ahead and try that too. But stick to the ones that are neutral in the objective.

Number 2: A hot shower/bath is a natural relaxant and great for winding down your mind and body before bedtime. While you shower, look for any tightness within your body as the water trickles down from head to toe and a gentle DIY massage right then will help you relax.

Number 3: Mindfulness meditation is a good activity to do before going to bed. So, an hour before sleeping, disconnect from all visual electronic devices that stimulate the mind and get into a calm state of mind by listening to a guided meditation podcast.

Number 4: If you love to read, then get engrossed in a book for an hour before sleeping. Again, setting your phone aside, or any other electronic device can do wonders if you want to fall asleep sleep soon. Choose a book that is not related to sports, so that the mind is engaged in something else and not the topic of the next day.

Try any of these, or all of these, before your sports event and see the difference in your performance when taking on your competition.

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