Is Your Sleep Ruining Your Health?

They say sleeping a given number of hours each night can be your best fight against a host of health complications.

But do you know that if you don’t sleep the right way, or in the right position, it could actually cause you more health problems?

Check out the best sleeping position when you have any of the following conditions.

1. Back pain: The best sleeping position is to lie on any one side and keep your spine slightly curved inward. If the pain is intense, you can keep a pillow between the knees as it will help to keep the legs in position and let you relax.

2. Neck stiffness or pain: Avoid putting a pillow under your neck or alleviating the head, as this can put more stress on your muscles and the spine and make the condition worse. Instead, lie down on your back and try and keep your neck in a straight position.

3. Acid reflux: This is very common when you have heavy meals. If you lie down on your right side, it will ease the condition as it will be easier for your food to pass through the digestive tract.

4. Sinus problems: The best sleeping position is to lie down on one side and keep an additional pillow under your head. This will help the extra fluids to drain out and avoid blockage.

5. Menstrual cramps: The first sleep position that comes to mind is to lie down on your side, bend in your knees, and just live out the pain. But this can actually increase the pain and discomfort. Even if it makes you uncomfortable at the start, lie down on your back and keep a pillow under your knees. This will prevent the spine from arching and also reduce inflammatory pain.

As a rule, try and avoid pillows that are too hard or too high, as this can often trigger incorrect spinal posture and lead to more health issues and pain.

Listen to calming music to sleep better

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