Is Your Ganpati Puja Really Healthy?

For those of you who are celebrating Ganpati Bappa, the time of the year has finally arrived. It’s time to bring in the one you believe in and start taking part in the celebrations. This definitely also involves sharing and enjoying the prasad and participating in the aarti.

These days, owing to what you hear about various health issues, a lot of us are reluctant to eat things that are sweet, which means that more and more people are a little wary when they reach out to have the prasad or worry about coming too near the smoke when the aarti is taking place.

But did you know that the ingredients used in making the Ganpati prasad have some health benefits that could prove beneficial?

The Dry Fruits Mix

A lot of dry fruits are used in making the prasad that is shared during the Ganpati festival. Most of these include some of the other dry fruits, such as nuts, almonds, dry coconut, walnuts and so on. These are loaded with the goodness of protein, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins as well as fibre, which will not only give you some much-needed energy but will also help to prevent your cholesterol and blood pressure levels from getting too high. These are also rich sources of iron, zinc, magnesium as well as potassium and even selenium, which keep your bones strong.

The Alum In The Aarti

A natural way to purify the air

A natural way to purify the air

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If you thought staying too close to the aarti could be harmful for your health, there is some good news. In the Ganpati aarti, people usually use phitkari, also known as camphor, alum or Kapoor. Burning this can help to purify the air around as it helps to kill any bacteria and germs present in the air, as well as helps to remove any odour present in the air around.

The Panchamrit Or The Five Powers

One of the things you get in the Ganpati prasad is the Panchamrit, which is a mix of five ingredients that include curd, sugar, honey, ghee, and milk. While sugar may not ideally be looked upon as a healthy ingredient anymore, you can still look at the benefits of the other four. A little bit of ghee is considered good for the heart as well as for your overall weight, honey can help reduce inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties, while milk can help your body make the best use of vitamin D. Curd will help improve digestion, which is especially important when you are gorging on the Ganpati festival delicacies.

Next time when you hold out your hand for the prasad or take part in the aarti, do so without worrying about whether or not it can be harmful to your health.

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