Having a Bad Mental Health Day? Here Are 5 Ways to Deal With It

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that all of us have experienced a bad mental health day at least once during recent times if not more.

No matter what we do, it is only human to go through certain emotions on certain days. It could be because of specific circumstances or something you need to figure out the reason for-but the bottom line is that bad mental health days are real. And it is extremely important to manage them correctly to make sure that they don’t push you into a dark space.

So, we talked to Kamna Chibber, a clinical psychologist and head at the Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Memorial Research Institute to understand how to deal with such days in a healthy manner.

Here she suggests five ways to help manage a bad mental health day:

1. Talk it out: Yes, we really underestimate the importance of community care. If you’re having a bad mental health day, make sure that you vent your feelings to friends and family. This will help you unburden yourself mentally. In fact, Kamna says that “it acts as a stimulus to stop the negative thought process.”

2. Stick to your routine: According to her, “It is extremely important to push yourself to follow your daily routine even on a bad mental health day. This maintains a sense of normalcy.”

No matter how tough it feels, following a routine will help you feel in control and contribute towards managing a bad mental health day better.

3. Indulge in your hobbies: “What would be a good distraction is indulging in an activity you like. Be it art, reading, or music-everything works,” says Kamna.

The main aim is to distract yourself from the negative thoughts and do something of your liking which will help you be positive.

4. Don’t forget to exercise: You read it right! Working out isn’t just beneficial for your physical health but also works wonders for your mental health. In fact, according to a study by Michigan State University, working out can help elevate your bad mood.

5. Sleep well:  A lot of times, a bad mental health day comes from a disturbed night. But, it is extremely important to sleep well for the complete rest of not just the body but also the mind.

To tackle this, Kamna suggests: ‘It would be a good idea to keep the phone aside and read a book to allow yourself to feel sleepy because the negative thoughts can get bad at night.”

We all have our days. It is how we tackle them that ensures they don’t have any power over us. With just a few simple steps, you can get through the toughest days.

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