Get Your Fix of Green Tea With These Simple Recipes

Green tea can have multiple health benefits if you choose the right ingredient in the right quantity. A cup of this brew can be a rescue to many ailments.

Green tea has garnered quite a reputation worldwide. It is a ubiquitous beverage consumed in many households and is sometimes used as an alternative over the regular tea. This relaxing tea has acquired the souls of many health freaks for its innumerable health benefits from weight loss to maintain heart health and many more. While you are sipping this green to yellow-hued drink, it is essential to prepare it the right way to reap its benefits fully. There is no standard recipe or method to prepare a cup of green tea. But one should never boil the green tea leaves as it may give you a bitter taste and may not retain its beneficial properties. Yes, it’s that simple, and we have some quick green tea recipes for you to experiment at home.

1. Lemongrass Green Tea: Drinking a cup of this flavorful brew can keep you stimulated throughout the day with the goodness of fresh lemongrass. Lemongrass is rich in antioxidants and aids in improving your immunity to weight loss to healthy skin, and improved digestion. Some studies even claim that it restricts cancerous cells from growing.

Recipe: Heat a pan and add a glass of water to it. Bring it to a boil, now add few chopped strands of lemongrass, a few mint leaves, and a few tulsi (holy basil) leaves (optional). Lower the flame and let it boil for around 30 seconds. Switch off the flame and add a few green tea leaves. (You can also add a green tea bag). Cover it to infuse its flavors. Now strain and serve hot.

Best time to drink: Morning

2. Ginger Lemon Green Tea: A very popular mix of green tea leaves with ginger and lemon is a great recipe for detoxification. If consumed on an empty stomach, it can help you suppress your appetite and promote weight loss with an increased metabolic rate and healthy skin.

Recipe: Boil a glass of water in a pan. Now add a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger with one teaspoon of green tea leaves and lower flame for three to five minutes. Now switch off the flame and squeeze one lemon in it. Cover and let it extract its flavors. Strain and serve hot.

Best time to drink: Morning or after meals

3. Chamomile Green Tea: Chamomile tea is made with the chamomile flower, which is used to treat various health problems from ancient times. This tea is beneficial to treat anxiety and sleep complaints. Adding it to your regular green tea with reaping additional health benefits.

Recipe: To prepare chamomile green tea, add one teaspoon of chamomile tea or two fresh flowers without stem, if available in a teapot. Bring it to a boil and switch off the flame. Add a green tea bag, cover, and let it soak the flavors for 5-8 minutes. Strain and serve hot.

Best time to drink: Before going to bed

To enhance the taste, you can always add a spoon of honey or jaggery powder.

The above method is as per a cup, you can add the ingredients as per the quantity you choose to make. Enjoy your tea!

By Deepali Verma, RoundGlass Thali

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