Five Rules to Remember About Eating Chocolate

There is no doubt that we all love eating chocolates. When sad, people choose to eat chocolates for it is known to be a mood lifter, it stimulates the brainwaves and lowers the stress levels. When happy, people grab a chocolate bar to celebrate happiness. Chocolate gives you pleasure and satisfaction. A chocolate lover could easily relate to what it is about having chocolate in your refrigerator and binge on it. There is a possibility that you can’t stop eating chocolates due to many reasons, physical or emotional. If your answer is yes, there are simple rules you can follow that will prevent you from overeating chocolates.

A). Reason

Chocolate craving is a signal that the blood sugar levels in your body are dropping. Chocolate is high in sugar, which gives you an instant energy boost but stores the extra sugar in the bloodstream. Once the sugar level drops, it demands food again.

Rule no. 1

Eat more fiber and whole grains, along with a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, healthy fat, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. This will help you overcome your sugar cravings.

B). Reason

Chocolates are rich in minerals, such as zinc, magnesium, etc. The deficiency of such minerals forces you to have the right amount of manganese and zinc by hooking you to chocolate.

Rule no. 2   

Prevention is better than cure. The right way is to get your blood check for any deficiencies and then change your diet accordingly. Add more mineral-rich foods and switch to pure cocoa to fix the chocolate hunger, without any added sugar.

C). Reason

Chocolate is indulgent and gives you momentary pleasure. Sometimes to enjoy your day and uplift your mood, you hanker over chocolate bites.

Rule no. 3

There are many alternatives, apart from chocolates, to give you enough pleasure. Go for a long drive, read your favorite book, dance, and so on to get the same joy as you get after eating chocolate.

D). Reason

When you think about chocolates, you get chocolates. Even if you are considering not to eat it, still you are thinking about chocolates. Stop focusing on chocolates.

Rule no. 4

Think more about delicious food items; if you love cooking, go to your kitchen and start preparing a healthy yet delicious meal. This will help you to draw your attention from chocolates.

E). Reason

Milk chocolates are full of added sugar, which rushes the urge to eat more and more sugar.

Rule no. 5

Swapping milk chocolates with dark chocolates reduces the possibility of you binging on chocolates. A small bite of dark chocolates conquers the sugar cravings without filling your body with unnecessary sugar.

Next time you crave for chocolates, you can try these simple alternatives and help yourself from surrendering to the sweetness of chocolates.

By Deepali Verma, RoundGlass Thali

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