Benefits of Oregano & Thyme

Why it matters

There are herbs that are used for cooking which have value beyond providing nutrition and making food taste good. Some herbs, like thyme and oregano, are also used for medicinal purposes. Thyme has antibacterial and antifungal properties that speak to its medicinal value. It has been used throughout history to prevent poisoning and infection before antibiotics existed. It also provided some protection against spoiled meat and food-borne illness. Oregano in the form of oil has antibacterial functions as well, in addition to antiviral and antifungal properties. Additionally, both thyme and oregano help to protect against free radical damage and prevent inflammation in the body.

Putting into practice

As an antimicrobial, thyme can help protect against a sore throat and prevent food poisoning from contaminated produce. You can wash your produce in a solution using 1% thyme oil to reduce the chances of foodborne illness. Carvacrol, present in the oil of oregano and thyme oil, can enhance mood and protect against tumor formation.

Take away

Thyme and oregano are simple to grow in a windowsill or porch! Oregano oil is available in concentrated oil form or in a capsule. Both thyme and oregano can easily be incorporated in many different meals.

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