8 Best Expert Recommended Facial Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin, Face Wrinkles And Much More

Here’s to Yasmin Karachiwala, the expert behind excellent curves of top Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Katrina Kaif. With over two decades of experience in the world of fitness, Yasmin has earned herself the stature of being one of the most celebrated fitness experts of all time. And it’s not just for our divas, she continues to encourage more people to move towards a healthier lifestyle through her social media posts. While stressing on the importance of physical fitness, Yasmin, through a recent post, shared some exercises to tone your face and neck as well.

Facial exercises help in better contouring and shaping of your face. Doing facial exercises regularly will help you look more young and fresh. They help in preventing drooping eyelids and sagging neckline. Also, facial exercises help in improving blood flow, which in turn prevents wrinkles and gives a natural facelift.

The first set of facial exercises that Yasmin suggests are The Giraffe and Acupressure point. To perform the giraffe, all you need to do is place your hand on the neck and gently tilt your head back. Then, keep your hands on the collar bone and gently pull it down. Then get your head back, pout your lips as much as possible. The exercise, according to Yasmin, will make your neck muscles feel more strengthened and toned.

The acupressure point is done by using your index finger, middle finger and thumb. Use these three fingers to pinch and release muscles along your jaw area. Any tension around the jaw area can be easily dealt with by doing this acupressure point facial exercise. You can repeat the exercise thrice from chin to jaw.

She also suggests a few exercises which will help in toning and lifting your upper eyelids. She calls them “flirty eyes” and “acupressure point”, the two exercises help in strengthening and toning of the lower part of the face as well. They help in reducing and preventing fine lines on the face as well as hollows under the eyes.

To perform flirty eyes, you need to put your index fingers on your upper cheeks, pointing towards each other. Both fingers should be placed near the nose. Then, tilt your head upwards towards the ceiling. Blink your eyes as much as possible. The exercise will engage muscles under the eyes. You can perform 2 sets of this exercise for 30 seconds.

To perform acupressure points, you need to place your index finger between your eyebrows. Press on this point and it will result in improved blood circulation in the area. This, in turn, will contribute to an improved skin tone. This exercise helps in reducing stress and promotes better quality of sleep. You can press on this point 10 times, in clockwise and anticlockwise circles. Press 10 times in each direction. Relax for a few seconds and perform three sets of this exercise.

Puffer fish and saying vowels with stretch are two more facial exercises. The puffer fish is done by puffing out your cheeks and gently tapping each cheek for around 30 seconds. The exercise helps in giving your face a stretch along with reducing wrinkles.

Another effective wrinkle-reducing facial exercise is done by saying vowels ‘ah’, ‘ee’, ‘oo’ out loud. Stretch your lips as much as you can when you perform them. Make sure that you make an exaggerated movement of mouth and lips. Repeat 10 times. This exercise helps in reducing existing wrinkles and prevents their formation around lips and mouth.

Smile Smoother is another facial exercise that reduces and prevents lines between nose and lips. The exercise helps in lifting of cheek, chin and neck area.

For getting rid of fine lines, you need to cover your teeth with lips and make an ‘o’ shape with your mouth. Smile widely while keeping your teeth hidden with your lips.

Perform 2 sets of 6 repetitions of this exercise.

For getting rid of that ugly double chin, you can place an index finger on your chin and keep a wide smile. Keep your teeth covered with your lips. Move your jaw up and down while tilting your head back as possible. Look up as far back up to the ceiling as you can and come back to the starting position.

These facial exercises can go a long way in getting you a wrinkle and line-free skin. They work on facial muscles we don’t move regularly and help in toning them effectively.

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